Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Music Has Stopped

If you've ever visited the gardens, you may remember hearing Mozart or Chopin booming from the high tunnels. Dad was convinced that his tomatoes responded to music, especially classical music, so the radio played uninterrupted throughout the growing season.

A few days ago, after the last tomatoes were picked, mom decided it was time to turn off the music, close up the tunnels, and call an end to the season.

Thanks to Kim & Monty and Kevin & Emily, for their dedication and hard work in getting dad's final season of produce to market.

1 comment:

Wendy L. said...

I am saddened that the music is over. Time to move on to a new dance.

I missed the last round of tomatoes and I am sorry. Just could not seem to find the time.

Will miss the Hale family. You are such great people.

I am still available if you need me.